What is Drops DAO?

Drops DAO is a community driven trustless loans platform for NFTs.
Our protocol is based on the Compound smart contracts and tailored for NFT assets. Users can provide liquidity via supported tokens to earn a variable rate of return, as well as borrow with over-collateralized loans.

How do I Interact with the Drops Loans Protocol?

To use the Drops Loans protocol, simply approve and deposit a supported asset. This can be done via the official Drops Loans GUI at
Once you have deposited your funds, you'll be able to earn a passive, variable rate of return based on supply and demand within that asset’s market.
You will also have the option of borrowing against your deposited assets by approving that asset as collateral.
Interacting with the Drops Loans protocol requires nothing aside from blockchain transaction fees for the network you're using. These will vary depending on the blockchain used as well as the network’s traffic at the time of the interaction.
You will always have the final say on whether or not a transaction is submitted confirming it via your wallet.

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What is Drops DAO?
How do I Interact with the Drops Loans Protocol?