What is Drops protocol?

Drops protocol is a web3 money market that supports NFTs as collateral.
It uses Chainlink oracles and peer2pool lending model which allows NFT holders to get instant loans against their NFTs.
Protocol consists of isolatated lending pools, which enables unlimited scalability of supported collateral.
It solves inneficiencies in peer2peer NFT loans model by enabling seamless, composable liquidity. One of the key features include:
  • Unlimited loans duration
  • Partial payments
  • Reverse loans
  • Pay-as-you-go interest rates
  • Lower interest rates
  • High Loan-To-Value
  • Partial liquidations
Drops aims to become a base layer for NFT liquidity. It is composable and enables new NFT-Fi applications to be built on top, like SweepMax - NFT Financing solution.