Situational examples

How to begin vesting esDOP when “vesting esDOP” balance is 0

A user will be able to see their Drops rewards calculated and displayed in esDOP.

To begin vesting esDOP, with no current “vesting esDOP” balance:

  1. Claim esDOP rewards from the protocol.

  2. Have sufficient veDOP to start vesting esDOP (esDOP/veDOP ratio greater than 0.1). If not, execute the following:

  3. Buy DOP (if not enough currently held in wallet) and stake some DOP for veDOP.

  4. Start vesting esDOP. A vesting duration is calculated, according to the equation specified above.


  • A user has claimed 50 esDOP in rewards.

  • The user locks 50 DOP for the maximum duration (4 years) to receive 50 veDOP, satisfying the minimum required veDOP/esDOP ratio of 1.

  • The user initiates esDOP vesting of their 50 esDOP. The balance is vested according to their veDOP/esDOP ratio, resulting in the maximum vesting duration of 180 days.

How to begin vesting more esDOP when vesting esDOP balance is greater than 0

  1. The contract will check if the new esDOP/veDOP ratio is sufficient. If yes, the contract will permit the user to additional esDOP to vesting.

  2. esDOP that is already vesting (but has not yet been claimed as DOP) is also included.

  3. Once additional esDOP is vested, the vesting duration is reset and recalculated.

  4. Any balance of DOP that has already been vested (but not yet claimed) will remain unchanged.

Claim vested esDOP

If a user has esDOP already vesting, it will be released linearly into DOP through the vesting duration.

The user can claim any unlocked DOP tokens whenever they wish. The entire unlocked balance at the time must be claimed at once (i.e. no partial claims permitted).

Any DOP that is yet to be unlocked may still be claimed at a later time.

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