All marketplaces in one place

SweepMax aggregates NFTs from multiple marketplaces so you don't have to spend time trying to find the best deal.

Buy in bulk

There are no limits for how many NFTs you can buy. Save gas and add multiple NFTs to your cart. Then finance them all in 1 transaction.

Unterminated loans

Since loans are financed by Drops protocol - money market for NFTs, there are no due dates. Loan can run indefinitely as long as buyer doesn’t exceed the borrow limit at any given time. If the borrow limit gets exceeded, your collateral is at risk of liquidation.

Reverse mortgage

If you’ve made some loan payments for your NFT and suddenly need some funds, you can certainly use your NFT for it. It’s possible to withdraw paid ETH or to borrow more against collateral, however be mindful of your borrow limit to avoid liquidation.

Flashrepay (coming soon)

It will soon be possible to repay loans by accepting bids on marketplaces. This will enable real NFT leveraged trading where users can buy an NFT and flip it without having to use their own funds.

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