Emissions Distribution

Intial inflationary rewards of 4500 DOP/week are set to bootstrap governance process. Upon successful governance vote 50% of interest fees can be distributed to veDOP holders in form of DOP.

How does rewards distribution happen?

New rewards distribution unlocks every Thursday at 00:00 UTC

Each distribution can be reffered as an Epoch that lasts 7 days. New epoch starts every Thursday at 00:00 UTC. User needs to remain locked for the whole epoch until rewards can be claimed for it at the start of next one. Example, if user locks within Epoch 1, rewards will be available at the start of Epoch 3 for Epoch 2. Rewards are accruing only for fully locked epochs. Lock time spent within Epoch 1, would not yield tokens.

APY = weekly distribution * 52 / total veDOP * 100%

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